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Failure Analysis

We investigate mechanical issues that are claimed, regarding one or more circumstances, that may or may not have contributing factors to that claim. Our initial goal is to determine if a mechanical failure has occurred. For example, does the part, system or component claimed operate as designed? If a malfunction is verified, does that malfunction relate to the reported circumstance(s) and/or condition(s) claimed?

Dear fellow adjusters,
I have worked in the greater Seattle metropolitan area for 20 plus years for one of the 5 nationally recognized insurance companies doing business in the area. There have been several occasions where an independent inspection was required to determine the cause and extent of damages to mechanical parts and/or assemblies being claimed as a result of an insurance claim. I have found David Wyrick's fair and timely inspections, thorough analysis, diagnosis and testimony to be beneficial on every occasion his expertise was needed to conclude a claim. I have every confidence you will believe the same next time the need for such services arise and are requested.

- Sincerely, name and personal phone number withheld but available upon request and authorization.

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