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Pacific Mechanical Inspections has been owned and operated by David Wyrick since 1987. Mr. Wyrick has worked in the auto industry since 1970. His experience includes
Auto Technician and Shop Foreman for maintenance and repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles. As Claims Manager for Revolution Industries, Mr. Wyrick managed service contract company claims as well as inspections for mechanical failures on autos, trucks and boats.

Mr. Wyrick performs mechanical failure inspections for insurance companies (as well as the general public) determining the cause and extent of damage to autos, trucks, boats, R.V.'s and motorcycles.

I've had 3 vehicles inspected by Dave. Total cost of inspections was about 400, but across the 3 (not including one which I didn't buy which would have needed 5000 in repairs!) I've saved about 2500 buying used cars after negotiations. Dave is very thorough, hard working and professional. And did I mention he goes to the seller so there's no inconvenience?

Never buy a car without a professional inspection in any case. I recommend PMI for the inspection.

- Jeff M., Woodinville

I hope I never have to buy another car without Dave!

It was my first time buying a vehicle, and he was incredibly helpful accommodating my needs every step of the way. I had signed a contract to buy a Ford Econoline, giving me a 72-hour window to get a mechanical inspection that was voided if the mechanic found any issues. Dave found several issues well within the 72 hour window, so I called the used car dealership, but they would not budge on voiding the contract. This is where Dave really went above and beyond what any mechanic could be expected to do. He guided me through the ordeal, wrote legal documents proving damage to the used vehicle, and I got the resolution I was looking for.

Thank you Dave, I truly appreciate how much you have helped me every step of the way!!!

- James H., Auburn

I read the reviews, called Dave of Pacific Mechanical Inspections, and asked him to inspect a vehicle I saw on eBay. I lived in the opposite coast, therefore there was no other way to inspect the car before the auction ended

Dave was recuperating so he asked a colleague to call the owner, make an appointment, and inform the owner of all the systems he would like to check on the car aside from the exterior and interior cosmetics as far as their faithfulness to the pictures

Within a hour the car disappeared from eBay claiming it was sold even as there were still 4 days left on the " buy it now price." ( the bid before the ad disappeared was only 40% of the Buy-it-Now price.)

You draw your own conclusions. Not only are pre-inspections mandatory but finding those in the business with the experience to focus on the particular quirks of a car, it's series, it's age is priceless

The fee I was charged was a pittance of what I would have had to fork out had I made the mistake of trusting the description and the pictures of the car

- Lynn S., Potomac, MD

Dave is super knowledgeable and very helpful. He found and diagnosed potential issues after a thorough inspection. The seller divulged information to him that he would not have given to me. Very reasonable price for piece of mind!

- Will J., New York, NY

We can't express how grateful we are to have discovered Dave Wyrick. We were interested in purchasing a 2004 Honda Element, but I am quick to admit that I'm anything but a mechanic. Well, we contacted Dave for a Pre Purchase Inspection. What a great decision!

Dave showed up at the lot right on time. He thoroughly examined the two vehicles we were interested in. He clearly knew what to look for and also how to explain things to people who didn't. We ended up purchasing one of those two cars and couldn't be happier!

His expertise, his reasonable fee, and his help in getting a little something extra on that vehicle all gave us the confidence we needed that we were making the right choice. My wife and I would say that anyone who chooses Pacific Mechanical Inspections to assist in evaluating the purchase of a car will be making the right choice.

Thanks, Dave!

- Fred L., Ellensburg, WA

David Wyrick did a great job with my auto inspection! I can't say enough, he saved $$$ from buying a car that had multiple issues. I am over 2,000 miles away and he was my saviour from buying the car I thought was to be my DREAM car. He works for you the buyer. Thanks Dave!

- Rick G., Florence, KY

I called Dave because I am working abroad in Beijing China and needed someone on the ground (in Seattle) who could help me to find a reliable vehicle so that I have a car ready when I return home. Dave listened very carefully and did a great job in matching me with a car that fits my needs. His inspection was thorough and reports were detailed. His services helped me to feel confident buying a car from the other side of the world. I am extremely happy with his services.

- Matthew B.

My wife and I were in the market for a second car and though we knew exactly what brand we wanted, we were a bit worried about entering the used car salesman vortex. Luckily we found Dave. He saw a few cars for us, inspected them in ways you wouldn't even think to (he is absolutely meticulous and thorough) and gave us thumbs up and thumbs down when necessary.

We ended up with the perfect car for us and--perhaps most important--with great peace of mind. Dave is an extremely sincere, dedicated and scrupulously honest guy. For example, he once thought he'd made a mistake and so refused to charge us for that inspection. He then went back to triple check it after doing extensive research on what he thought might have been a mistake on his part. It wasn't a mistake, but this is just to show you the kind of person and professional he is.

Thanks so much, Dave. - R.C.

Dave has inspected a total of four used cars for us. We've been happy so far with the two cars we purchased as a result. Admittedly, we don't know a lot about what to look for (otherwise we wouldn't be hiring him!) but he seemed thorough and honest about everything. He gave us tips on what to avoid. Setting up times to meet was not difficult. All in all, we were glad to have him on our used car search. ;)

- Suzanne L.

Dave was so great! He came out to my work the same day I called, and was able to look at my newly purchased vehicle while I was busy. With his encouragement, I was able to take it back to the dealership & have the struts replaced. This saved me hundreds of dollars!! He also gave me helpful hints on how to preserve the life of my transmission. I definitely recommend having Dave take a look at any car you are thinking of buying (preferably before you sign anything!). He will give you peace of mind for your big decision. Absolutely worth the price!!!!

- Terri R.

We were in the market for a used vehicle and wanted to make sure we weren't purchasing a car with a lot of mechanical problems. Did some research online and Dave's name kept coming up and he was highly reviewed. Called him up and he met me at the dealer we were working with within a few hours. He went through the entire vehicle and offered his unbiased opinion. He was very thorough, honest, and friendly. If you are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle, the $100 for Dave's inspection is definitely worth the money.

- K.G.

Dave was amazing! I needed to buy a new van for my small business and I know exactly nothing about cars. He was kind and respectful to me on the phone, being very understanding about my lack of information on the van I wanted to look at. He was able to meet me the same day and thank goodness he did! He found multiple problems with a van that I, honestly, probably would've bought. He came out a second time, went on a long test drive with me, found a few minor problems and gave me information about affordable ways to get them fixed. With the information he gave me, I was able to negotiate with the dealer and am now the proud owner of a beautiful new cargo van that is not only mechanically sound but well within my price range. Working with Dave was a positive experience from start to finish! I would (and already have) recommend him to anyone looking to buy a used car!

- Courtney H.

I was looking to get an inspection on a car from a private seller that I had already looked at and tested out myself. I called Dave in the morning, and we were able to schedule an inspection for the same day in the afternoon. However, when Dave got to the seller's house, the seller and car were nowhere to be found. Dave called me to find out what was going on, so I called the seller who unfortunately told me that he had literally just sold the car at that moment. I called Dave back and told him I was sorry there was no car for him to look at, and I told him to charge me for his time (he probably waited about an hour for the seller to show up). But Dave was completely understanding, told me this situation was probably a blessing in disguise because you don't want to deal with a shady person like this seller, and told me he would hold off on charging me until I could find another car for him to look at!

He was so understanding and professional, just a pleasant person to work with, and I hope I have a car for him to check out soon so I can get the full Pacific Mechanical Inspections experience! Thank you, Dave!

Had him check out another car a couple weeks later, and ended up buying it thanks to Dave's review. He called me after the inspection and gave me a list of things to consider, and he emailed me the list after I sent him a few clarifying questions. The inspection was convenient and well worth the money, and I love my new car.

- Lindsay G.

I would most certainly recommend Mr Wyrick and Pacif Mechanical Inspections. He was honest, on time, flexible with scheduling, and very thorough. He inspected a vehicle I was looking to purchase and he found several things going on with the vehicle. With that knowledge I could buy confidently knowing what I would be getting in to and I was able to negotiate a very fair price.

Thank you Mr Wyrick you saved me a ton of money and I can sleep easy tonight with peace of mind.

- Jeremy S.
Lakewood, WA

I'm extremely happy that I called Pacific Mechanical and made an appointment to meet with technician Dave at a prospective car seller's location. He was able to provide an inspection of all the major mechanical elements of the vehicle and take it for a thorough test drive. Not only was he able to identify a couple of issues, I appreciated that he was actively concerned that I fully understood what sort of repairs the car would require and what best case/worst case price ranges I could expect. I was able to combine this information with my prior research about the car's value (Carfax, Autocheck, Blue Book) and negotiate with the seller to reduce the asking price accordingly. I'm quite pleased with the deal I got on the car; I would not hesitate to recommend Pacific Mechanical Inspections.

- Thomas D.

I give another big thank you to Dave. He has helped me to avoid a big mistake in buying a used car. I thought buying a car from a dealership would be safe, but was I wrong. He did a thorough inspection and gave a final recommendation not to buy which saved me around $2,000 worth of repair bills. The car looked fine on the outside, but he was able to find the hidden mechanical problems. I am still looking to buy my car, and I will definitely call Dave again to inspect it before I buy. I highly recommend his service, and he is also a friendly and honest guy you can trust.

- Dan K.
Bellevue, WA

Services provided
(but not limited to)
  • reported steering, brake and throttle problems
  • diagnostic fault
    code retrieval
  • engine, transmission as well as differential checking and testing
46 years experience and over 18,000 vehicles checked

Providing service in Washington, east of Seattle