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Pacific Mechanical Inspections
Mechanical Failure Analysis and Used Vehicle Inspections

To ensure a rapid response, call 206-947-9337.

Many inspections are performed to determine if there is a relation between an incident and a mechanical issue, before, during and/or after the incident.

We inspect vehicles for mechanical failures of all types. Our inspections are designed to determine the cause and extent of damage to autos, trucks, boats, motorcycles and R.V.'s.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Brake and throttle system checking and testing
  • Diagnostic fault code checking, testing and retrieval
  • Engine, transmission, and differential checking and testing
  • Steering and suspension checking and testing

With over 46 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we have determined
the cause and extent of damage to over 18,000 vehicles for insurance companies (as
well as the general public) since starting Pacific Mechanical Inspections in 1987.

Services provided
(but not limited to)
  • reported steering, brake and throttle problems
  • diagnostic fault
    code retrieval
  • engine, transmission as well as differential checking and testing
46 years experience and over 18,000 vehicles checked

Providing service in Washington, east of Seattle